2014-10-09 The world’s most compact DAB radio modules from Quantek
The world’s most compact DAB radio modules from Quantek

Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Hong Kong, 9th October 2014
Quantek, the leading supplier of digital radio solutions, announces the launch of the Q88 SiP DAB module, the world’s most compact DAB radio module, a new way for easy, effective DAB radio manufacturing.   

In response to the increased use of DAB radio modules on various audio applications, Quantek introduces the Q88 SiP DAB module for DAB radio applications in all major categories, especially for those applications with limited housing space concerns.  

With only 17mm X 17mm X 1.15mm dimensions, Q88 is the world’s most compact DAB radio solution integrating RF tuner, baseband processor, audio decoder, and application processor on a single device.   

The benefits of Q88 include:
•    Digital Radio UK Tick Mark compliant
•    Saving 75% PCB area  
•    Enhanced performance
•    Low power consumption 
•    Lower manufacturing cost 
•    Ideal for easy manufacturing and time-to-market

In the ever evolving audio market, Quantek continues to develop and support technologies which help OEMs to enhance their individual products and differentiate their products from others’. The Q88 presents a new class of DAB solution leading the market.   

Q88 is now available for mass production. 
Demonstration will be available in Quantek’s demo room at Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

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Quantek Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of digital radio and wireless audio solutions. Based in Taiwan, Quantek provides field proven receiver IC, module solutions, and a suite of all-in-one low cost wireless audio modules and platforms, which ensure that OEMs and ODMs minimize engineering efforts and maximize benefits.  


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