2012-06-21 Quantek launches Q8 DAB modules for Bluetooth audio streaming

Taipei 22nd June 2012, Quantek announced its mass shipments of Q8 DAB modules and the launching of Q8 BT Bluetooth audio platform

Q8 is the latest DAB module of the Quantek DAB product family.  Optimized for mainstream audio applications, Quantek’s powerful Q8 DAB/DAB+/DMB-Radio/FM module is an ultra-low powered fully WorldDMB Profile 1 compliant module, with enhanced performance in a small footprint, maintaining excellent receiver sensitivity, reliable operation and superior audio.

Based on Quantek’s latest QD3000 chipset, Q8 provides low-cost, feature-rich applications that enhance audio products’ features and capabilities and maximize manufacturers’ benefits.  Q8 works both in master and slave modes supporting multiple alarms, presets, various display types, battery level detection as well as EPG, Slide show.

In response to the increasing use of multi-media capabilities by the digital radio platform, Q8 also integrates Bluetooth audio streaming to DAB/DAB+ radios.  Bluetooth audio is rapidly becoming a feature of digital audio applications which provide radio manufacturers with a significant opportunity to differentiate their products.  Q8-BT Bluetooth audio platform allows brands and manufacturers to quickly introduce advanced multimedia radios to take advantage of this enhancement to broadcast radio markets and deliver a rich radio experience to consumers.  Quantek has now shipped over 500 thousand pieces of its latest Q8 DAB module since its first introduction to the market in early 2012.

“We see a continuing expansion of DAB/DAB+/DMB radio in the global market. Quantek commits and continues to develop and support technologies, which differentiate and enhance digital broadcasting applications” said Quantek VP Marketing and Sales, Jeff Lin. "Bluetooth audio is becoming an important feature in the audio market as the wireless connectivity with new audio sources such as smartphones and tablet PCs. The Q8-BT platform will help our customers to capture this business opportunity.”

Q8’s features are as follows:
The Q8/Q8+ integrates all the necessary interfaces to enable radio manufacturers easily and effectively to implement radios or embedded audio systems. The manufacturers only need a power supply, display, keypad, audio amplifiers and speakers to implement a fully functional DAB+/DAB/FM/RDS radio or using Q8/Q8+ as a radio block of an audio system.
Q8/Q8+ operates in master mode or slave mode with the control of an external MCU.
The full suite of customized applications including: RDS, Clocks, Multiple alarms, Presets, Rotary encoders, various LCDs, Remote control decoder, EPG, Journaline and Slide show…

About Quantek, Inc.
Quantek Inc. is a semiconductor company based in Taiwan and a leader in digital radio solutions throughout Asia, North Europe, Germany and Australia.  Quantek provides field proven receiver solutions and a suite of all-in-one low cost digital radio modules and platforms, which ensure that OEMs and ODMs minimize engineering efforts and maximize benefits.  The market for DAB radio is increasing as various markets around the world move to digitize their radio service.  Quantek Inc. has operations in China, Taiwan and UK.


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